About Spliki

Hi, I'm thekthuser and I want to welcome you to Spliki!

Like you, I find it difficult to avoid spoilers online when I have questions about my favorite series. I wanted a simple and automated way to get answers that avoids asking a person every time. Thus, the idea for Spliki was born.

Spliki was built, first and foremost, with the Wheel of Time community in mind. I started reading WoT in high school, read everything that existed at the time, and picked it back up again many years later. There are 15 books, roughly 12,000 pages, and hundreds of characters. It's impossible to remember them all — especially if you've taken a break — and there are some major spoilers to avoid.

I built Spliki in such a way that it will work for any series and media type, but if the Wheel of Time community uses it, I will consider it a success.

Feel free to contact me with any comments, issues, or suggestions you may have. I hope to see you on the site!

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